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Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys & Domestic Law Firm

Capstone Law was organized to provide exceptional legal services to consumers and small businesses. Our individual attention and innovative engagement structures are leading the legal space. We intentionally limit our practice to areas in which our attorneys have developed extensive in-depth experience and knowledge. Our practice focus currently focuses on bankruptcy, domestic and family law, small business, wills, trusts & estate planning, and probate.

Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys

Most people who file bankruptcy file due to something outside their control–like medical bills, the loss of a job, or decreased income. Our Utah bankruptcy attorneys have helped literally thousands of hard-working people take control of their finances, get relief, and secure their future with bankruptcy protection. Our bankruptcy attorneys can help you stop garnishment, stop repossession, stop foreclosure, and stop lawsuits and collections. If you’re struggling financially, schedule a free no obligation consultation today!

Utah Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is  a stressful time. Help alleviate the stress by getting quality representation that will protect your interests at every turn. Our Utah Divorce lawyers know the intricacies of divorce, child custody, property division, and support. We can help you obtain the best results possible and achieve your goals. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your needs and goals are met and keep you appraised of the progress of your case along the way.

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stop garnishment

Are your wages being garnished or about to be garnished? Find out how our Utah bankruptcy attorneys can help you get your garnishment stopped by filing bankruptcy without the high upfront retainer that bankruptcy attorney’s typically charge to file your case. Stop the financial devastation of garnishment today. Get More Information >

Stop repossession

Is your vehicle about to be repossessed? Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you either stop the repossession from happening or in some case help you get your vehicle back if it has already been repossessed.  We can also help you get into a new vehicle after filing for bankruptcy if you are upside-down. Get more information >

stop foreclosure

Are you facing foreclosure and need to get it stopped? Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can help you get foreclosure stopped fast and even, in some cases, help you with a repayment plan to bring your mortgage current so that you don’t loose your most valued possession. Let our experienced attorneys help you find the best solution for your situation. Get more information >

utah divorce

Our Utah divorce attorneys can assist you with a divorce and family law issues. We offer a variety of family law services and our flat-fee divorce takes the guesswork and financial devastation that all too often accompanies divorce. Speak with one of our Utah divorce attorneys today.

child custody

Child custody issues are profoundly important and complicated. Therefore, a competent and experienced Utah child custody attorney is critical. We work tirelessly to help you protect your relationships with your children. Get help today.

Ensure that the child support, alimony or other maintenance is reasonable and fair. Let our Utah divorce attorneys help you to ensure that the child support and other maintenance is fair. Get more information >

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Stop Garnishments, Repossession, & Foreclosure Fast with our…

$0 Down Affordable Bankruptcy Program!

Stop the Domino effect of garnishments

Our Affordable Bankruptcy Program allows you to avoid the expensive upfront retainers bankruptcy attorneys typically charge before they will file your case. We will file your bankruptcy case with a small upfront retainer or even $0 down. After your emergency bankruptcy case is filed we will setup affordable monthly payments to pay for the cost of bankruptcy to make the process easy and affordable.

Finally an affordable option to file divorce…

$1500 Flat-fee Divorce!

If you and your ex have already agreed to all the terms of property division, visitation, child support & maintenance and only need an attorney to draft the paperwork to make the agree legal, our flat-fee uncontested divorce can help. Our flat-fee uncontested divorce will affordably draft and file all the necessary paperwork to quickly finalize your divorce–if you have already agreed to the terms. Get more information now!