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Stop Garnishment Utah: Stop Wage Garnishments

When a creditor files suit to collect a debt and obtains a judgment from the court, the creditor can also apply for a wage garnishment. When a creditor successful obtains a court order to garnish, the creditor will serve the order on your financial institution or employer. Once served, the financial institution or employer will be legally required to divert a set portion of your funds to the creditor to pay for the judgment. This result can have a devastating effect on your finances. If you are already living month-to-month or struggling to keep up with your financial burdens, having a set amount taken from your check or from your bank account can cause significant problems including affecting your credit, bounced checks, difficulties at work and not enough money to live on. If you have been affected by wage garnishment, call or complete our Free Bankruptcy Evaluation to see how our Utah attorney in bankruptcy can help you stop garnishment in Salt Lake.

Stop Wage Garnishment in Utah

At Weekes Law our Salt Lake Attorney for bankruptcy has the expertise and legal tools to stop any wage garnishment immediately. Our skilled Salt Lake attorney in bankruptcy will aggressively pursue having the order stopped either before the order takes effect or immediately upon filing your case, if the garnishment is already in place. Don’t let your creditors control your finances. Let our knowledgeable staff help you control your finances and get your life back on track. Our Salt Lake garnishment attorneys will provide you with all the information and advice you need to make a sound decision to address wage garnishments in Salt Lake and other debt problems.

If you need help to stop wage garnishment, contact us for a Free Bankruptcy Consultation today!

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Our Utah bankruptcy attorneys have successfully helped thousands of people obtain financial relief with a bankruptcy discharge. Let us help you be our next success story.

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Are you being garnished, about to be garnished, or have another emergency and need to file immediately, but don’t have the upfront attorney’s fees to file? We can help. With our Affordable Bankruptcy Program, we can file your case for $0 down. After your emergency case is filed we will setup affordable monthly payments to pay for the cost of bankruptcy.


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Our bankruptcy attorneys have dedicated their practices to understanding the intricacies of bankruptcy to become among the most knowledgeable in our field. We are understanding and focused on helping good people through difficult financial times.

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Out individual attention to each client and each case has helped us grow our bankruptcy practice to one of the largest in Utah. Simply put: our process and case handling provides greater care than our competition; that’s why we’re successful: we put the client first. Our Utah bankruptcy lawyers are dedicated to provide personal attention to every client.

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Our commitment to individual attention and convenient process quickly made us the leader of top bankruptcy firms in Utah. We believe that a good Utah bankruptcy lawyer is one who understands all the available options and then candidly counsels his clients to solutions that best meet the client’s individual circumstances and then makes the process easy for the client.

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Many of our peer bankruptcy attorneys have criticized us for offering low upfront emergency case filings to our clients saying that it can’t be done and get paid. We determined, however, that we would first find a solution that works for our clients and then find a way to make it work for our business. Our success proves we were right.

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