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Utah Domestic Violence Attorney

Aggressive and Experienced Utah Domestic Violence Lawyers

Utah domestic violence charges can be brought by a person you live with like a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, or brother or sister. Domestic violence charges in Utah can result for an act as insubstantial as grabbing a hand or blocking an exit or more serious injuries. They are taken seriously by prosecutors and judges. These cases can range from misdemeanors to serious felony charges. If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime in Utah, you should take it seriously. That’s why you need an experienced Utah domestic violence attorney from Weekes Law on your side as soon as possible. Our experienced Utah domestic violence lawyers can help ensure you the best possible outcome possible.

Get Immediate Help When Charged with Domestic Violence in Utah

Defending a Utah domestic violence charge is not a simple matter that should be taken lightly. Frequently there are only two witnesses to a domestic violence crime: the accused and the accuser. These cases are usually the result of weeks, months or even years of provocation. In many cases the allegations are an attempt to “get back” at the accused by the accuser. Once a domestic violence charge is made, however, it is out of the hands of the accuser and the prosecution will aggressively pursue the case–even if the accuser changes his or her mind. Do not talk to the police until you have talked to us. Too often well-intentioned people hurt their case by trying to defend or explain themselves to police. Get the immediate help of one of our experienced Salt Lake domestic violence attorney to defend your rights.

Prevent A Serious Domestic Violence Conviction

A conviction for domestic violence in Salt Lake can have a long-lasting impact on your life. Employers, landlords, and others can see a Salt Lake domestic violence charge or conviction on your criminal record. In addition, domestic violence charges in Salt Lake frequently are accompanied with a temporary restraining order. A restraining or protection order has far-reaching consequences and may prevent you from living in your home or have only supervised visitation of your children. You need immediate assistance to protect your rights, so contact our Utah domestic violence lawyer.

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Get Experienced Domestic Violence Defense You Need with Capstone Law

As soon as you hire our firm to represent you we will immediately go to work to defending you and your rights.  We understand that the prosecution bases its case on initial police reports and that these initial reports are almost always limited, incomplete and inaccurate.  Our experienced Utah domestic violence lawyers will ensure that your side of the story is not overlooked or ignored.