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Utah Drug Crimes Attorney

Criminal Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

If you have been arrested or charged with a drug crime, you understand that a drug crime conviction can be a life changing event. In addition to potential jail time and large fines, a conviction may also cause unemployment, loss of real or personal property, loss of a child custody award, or deportation. If you or a loved-one is facing drug crimes allegation, you should immediately contact a Utah criminal attorney for representation to avoid such a drastic outcome. You need a knowledgeable and aggressive Drug crimes attorney in Utah working on your behalf. A Utah criminal defense attorney from Weekes Law can quickly take control of your defense by carefully investigating the facts of your case giving you the best chance to defend your rights and freedom.

There are many types of drugs that are considered illegal substances, which include LSD, ecstasy, heroin, PCP, crack, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, Spice (which is now illegal in many Utah locales), and illegally obtained prescription drugs. Drug crimes involve a wide range of offenses that include the following:

  • Drug Possession charges
  • Drug use charges
  • Drug Trafficking charges
  • Manufacturing of drugs
  • Sale or Distribution of drugs or illegal substances

A Winning Strategy For Your Drug Case

It is crucial that you have an aggressive and dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side with the possibility of jail or prison time, probation, loss of property, mandatory drug treatment and large fines. The amount of drugs you were accused of having in your possession or if trafficking or manufacturing were involved could seriously affect the extent of the charges and penalties which you may be subjected to if convicted.
Our strategy is to thoroughly investigate the facts that led to your arrest and to challenge any evidence, substance, statement or information by law enforcement that has been illegally obtained. We will meticulously review all of the evidence that the prosecution has against you. Our thorough investigation will undermine the prosecutor’s case against your bringing you the strongest possible defense. By choosing to work with our firm, you will be confident that you will get personalized attention and that no stone will go unturned to get you the best possible result.

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Capstone Law was knowledgeable and was really serious about defending me and my rights. They quickly came to my defense and began investigating my charges.

The results were better than I expected…I was glad I chose them.

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