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Expunge Your Criminal Record

If you have a criminal record—whether you have been convicted or simply charged–an experienced attorney with Capstone Law may be able to help you obtain an expungement. Expungement is the process of having criminal charges removed from your record. There are many benefits to getting your criminal record expunged, some of which include:

  • Finding a job or seeking a promotion

    Don’t let a prior charge prevent a future job or promotion

  • Reduce Future Penalities

    You can prevent enhanced penalties in the event that you are arrested or charged with a crime in the future

  • Improve Credit

    Improve your ability to qualify for a loan or obtain credit

  • College Admission

    College admissions will often review criminal records – improve your admissibility to college

  • Peace of Mind

    For your own peace of mind

If a charged is expunged, your record will be as if you were never charged or arrested for the crime. Having your record expunged will prevent employers, landlords, friends and others from finding out about your criminal history, should they conduct a background investigation.

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Do you Qualify To have Your Criminal Record Expunged?

Expungement, although an excellent option to many, is unfortunately not available for everyone or every situation. If one of the following is true, you may qualify for an expungement:

  • You were never convicted of the crime
  • You were convicted of the crime; and all of the following are true:
    • The crime was not violent crime or otherwise prohibited from expungement;
    • There are no pending criminal proceeding against you;
    • You have paid all fines and interest ordered by the court;
    • All restitution ordered by the court has been satisfied; and
    • The applicable time period has elapsed from incarceration, parole, or probation

If you meet the qualifications listed above, it’s time that you get your record expunged. Capstone Law criminal defense attorneys have the knowledge, skill and experience to help you successfully expunge your record. Knowing that the value of an expungement is priceless–especially when prior criminal history has affected your ability to live a truly fulfilling life, we will aggressively advocate why your record should be expunged. You can trust that we will provide you with the expertise, dedication and experienced representation needed to successfully guide you through the expungement process.