Utah Will

A will is a legal document that identifies who will manage your estate, provides for the transfer of your property at death, and may name a guardian for minor children. A Will only becomes effective at death. A Will also ensures that your estate will be probated. Probate is legal process (litigation) to validate your Will and transfer your assets. If you want to avoid probate, a trust-based plan is more appropriate. Our Utah Will Attorney can help you determine if a will is necessary for you or if another estate planning instrument is more advisable.

Do I Need a Utah Will?

In the State of Utah, the legislature has drafted a default Will for you. If you don’t have a personalized Will, your assets will be probated and tranferred according the “default will” called intestacy or intestate succession. Intestate succession will transfer your property to those persons to whom the legislature believes most people would chose. If you have a desire to control who receives your assets and who is responsible for you minor children, you should plan your estate.

Our Utah Will Services

  • Counsel with you about your options
  • Help you determine what type of estate plan is appropriate for your circumstances and preferences
  • Help you develop a plan that avoids common pitfalls

Regardless of the size or complexity of your estate, we can help you develop an estate plan that meets your goals and objectives.

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