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Social Security Appeals & Denials

Social Security Appeals & Denials

There is Hope After Denial of Claim:

Social Security claims are frequently denied. If that has happened to you, there is still hope. If your SSDI claim has been denied let us help you get the benefits you deserve. An appeal will be brought before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).  Often times an applicant has their best chance of winning their claim during the appeals process where they can have their case heard. During the appeals process your case is taken in front of an Administrative Law Judge where you will be sworn in under oath. A medical expert may also be there to testify about your condition. Because of the complexity, it is advisable to have competent and experienced representation at the hearing. We can help you with your appeal…let’s get started today!

What is an Administrative Hearing or Appeal?

When a Social Security application is denied and the denial is appealed a court hearing will be held before an Administrative Law Judge. The appeal is like a trial. We will have the opportunity to explain why we believe your condition meets the requirements for Social Security benefits. We will have the opportunity to enter evidence, such as the testimony of a medical expert. Let us ensure that you have the best opportunity to have your benefits approved.

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