Utah Health Care Power of Attorney/Utah Health Care Agent

A Utah health care power of attorney, sometimes called a Utah Health Care Agent designation, is a document that allows you to appoint a person (the agent) whom you trust to make health care decisions on your behalf, if you are unable to make those decisions yourself due to injury, mental incapacity or illness. These decisions include the management of your health care in order to keep you alive and well, or the termination of your life support. The individual appointed by you does not have the authority to act on your behalf until such time as you are unable to act of your own accord. Provo Wills lawyer with Weekes Law can assist you in creating a health care power of attorney/Health Care Agent which will prepare you and your estate for any eventuality.

The Utah estate attorneys of Weekes Law possess superior experience in estate law, will preparation, and health care designations and we are available to assist you in formulating a health care power of attorney that fully adheres to your wishes regarding medical treatment and care. Contact our office today, and we will provide you with efficient one-on-one service that will reinforce your preferences for the management of your health care and your estate.

Choosing the Right Health Care Agent

The most important factor in obtaining a health care proxy is deciding who to name as your health care agent. There are several criteria that you can go by to help you in your decision, including:

  • You trust your health care agent with your life.
  • Your health care agent is informed enough to effectively navigate the health care system.
  • Your health care agent must have the personal strength to make difficult decisions for you, such as the termination of life support, if necessary.
  • Your health care agent should have the persistence to obtain accurate information regarding your proper care and treatment, so that they can make informed decisions on your behalf.

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