Importance of a Utah Living Will aka Utah Advanced Health Care Directive

A living will is a legal document that allows you to formally express your wishes regarding medical treatment and care at the end of your life. Utah formally uses the term Health Care Directive in place of living will. Utah’s Advanced Health Care Directive delineates your preferences in matters regarding life support or life sustaining care, which typically includes cardiac resuscitation, the use of antibiotics, mechanical respiration, and artificial nutrition or hydration. If you are considering creating a living will, contact Provo Living Wills attorney who can assist you in drafting a will that is legally sound.

Every individual, by law, has the right to decide whether to institute, continue, or cease life sustaining medical treatment, provided that the individual is of sound mind. In situations where a person has lost the ability to communicate or is mentally incapacitated, however, a living will becomes absolutely necessary.

Utah Wills Lawyer

Weekes Law provides comprehensive services for individuals throughout Utah who require help in the preparation and execution of living wills/Utah Advanced Health Care Directives. Our firm’s estate planning attorneys have extensive experience in estate planning and have worked with countless clients in their estate cases. The team is available to consult with you immediately if you have decided to create a living will. They will work with you step by step in creating a will that adheres to your wishes, so that you can be sure that you and your estate will be taken care of properly at the end of your life.

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